George Z.

Owner, Promotions by George

When I first went into business for myself, I engaged Terry as my business coach. She and I met on several occasions to help sharpen my skills as a business owner. Topics ranged from fine tuning my elevator commercial to developing my values statement to facilitating my goal setting process. Terry's professionalism, business sense and knowledge make her an exceptional resource! I am very happy to recommend Terry!

Chris C.

Chief Operating Officer  (marketing and advertising)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Terry for over ten years. She has always been a great resource for me both personally and professionally. When I moved into a role that enabled me to develop my own staff, I chose to have Terry coach one of my new managers. To say that I have seen an improvement over the six months would be an understatement. She has been able to bring out the best qualities in this young professional and has helped me by making this person one of my best resources on our growing team.

Wendy W.

Vice President, Clinical Innovation and Quality (healthcare)

Terry brings a savvy blend of leadership and personal coaching that has helped me manage stress and constant change. She helped me bring out my best and the best in my staff.

Christie V.

Vice President, Consulting Solutions (healthcare)

As an executive coach, Terry has been a great resource for me personally, as well as professionally. Her education and broad industry experience have offered me a balanced perspective and a new level of accountability. She has served as a sounding board and a partner as I’ve transitioned to a new and larger executive role, allowing me to accelerate my onboarding. With her unique insights, I am a stronger leader.

Joanne Hogan

VP Sales and Operations (publishing)

Terry has a ‘calm in the midst of a storm’ approach. She truly listens and is honest and responsive. Her support is always spot on, bringing tools and perspective, and helping me improve my own craft. As a coach, she knows what she is talking about, understands the pressures and challenges that senior level managers face, and guides accordingly.

Ivie P. Burns, II

Sr. Vice President, Financial Advisor

I was at a crossroads in thinking about how to best organize my business for the most benefit to my clients and also allow me to focus on my strengths.  Terry was a sounding board and partner in helping me come up with a creative solution that today has allowed me to grow my business and be fully available to my clients.