Ruby Slippers

Ever feel like you’re Dorothy whirling in the tornado of decisions and change, only to land in Oz with no GPS and no idea what your next step is supposed to be? Madeleine felt that way as a new VP of Marketing and Social Media in the midst of an acquisition, right before the busiest phase of their business cycle. The team she inherited was known for missing their deadlines with sub-par deliverables.


Her emotions ranged from excited anticipation to overwhelming uncertainty and fear of failing. She was unclear about critical decisions and felt off-balance with a new boss who traveled frequently and consistently cancelled their one-on-one meetings for other competing priorities.


Coaching provided Madeleine with an opportunity to clearly choose her “Yellow Brick Road” by developing a plan for her first 90 days on the job and confirm her priorities with her boss. This step gave her the foundation for building confidence and clarity to step fearlessly into learning her new role, developing relationships with her team and others and moving through the uncertainty and fear that is common when we accept a big change.