Rhythm, No Blues

Consider the experience of a deeply entertaining marching band performance. There are dynamics – loud parts and quiets parts. There is the collection of skills across a wide range of musical instruments. There is the tightly choreographed marching that creates well defined patterns. Tying it all together is a single rhythm, which may be slow at times and fast at times, but at all times, everyone in the group is synchronized to that rhythm. Without that rhythm, the musicians would be perceived as unskilled or incompetent, and without the drum major, there would be no rhythm. Not pretty.

Business organizations operate according to the same model. Working together under the guidance of a leader who sets the proper rhythm, team members are effective, play off each other and create something beautiful. If the group’s leader doesn’t provide that rhythm, the group becomes discordant and unproductive. Time is wasted bumping into the person in front of you or being bumped from behind. One misstep makes the whole group look bad.

Strong leaders orchestrate effective communication and personal and team accountabilities to accomplish more with greater engagement and satisfaction, and fewer discordant moments. These leaders are proficient in coordinating the right type of communication at the right time, the right person on the right task, the right rhythm of reporting and adapting to meet changing demands, and consistent and open feedback to minimize off-key relationships and awkward steps. Coaching can support personal and professional development in creating the right practice, implementing an effective system and achieving the right rhythm for you and your team.