It’s Time to “Course Correct” to Land 2015 Goals

This time of year can make us feel a bit like Keanu Reeves in “The Matrix” – we are personally moving in slow motion while the rest of the world whips around us. We feel out of sync with the space time around us, and we can’t believe how quickly the year has passed.

We are closing in on the final quarter of the year. As you look at all that you had hoped 2015 to be, where are you? What experiences have you had? What goals have you attained? What work and life do you have left to fit into the remaining months? How are you navigating the polarity of space and rigor, structure and flexibility, space and time?

As a coach, I work with people every day to support them in the pursuit of their goals and taking action on attaining those goals. It’s good practice to revisit your goals regularly and confirm that you are on track to meet them. We have an expectation of how the year will play out, but life always has a way of hurling obstacles our way that pull us off our gravitational course.

As the ‘event horizon’ of fall approaches, I am thinking about what I want to accomplish in my business, and how I will make choices to be present and fully resourced for my clients. Here are a few thoughts I’ve had that have helped guide my course correction as I head into the last season of the year, and I hope you find them useful as well:

  • Compare the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year with what you have accomplished. Understand that some goals may no longer be relevant, should something in your workplace have changed significantly.
  • For goals that are still relevant but further out of reach than you had hoped to be by now, don’t despair! There are more than three months left in the year to correct your course and reach those goals.  
  • Create a revised action plan based on your observations. With a world that seems to be whirling around you while you stand Matrix-still, being intentional about your next move will support your intentions much better than just randomly jumping into the fray.
  • Commit that action plan to a road map over the next 90 days, and assess again in early December as you prepare for 2016.
  • So that you can enjoy the remainder of 2015, synchronize your personal and environmental space times by cultivating a practice of taking time to stand still and be quiet, physically and mentally.

As the winds of fall move in, see them as a reminder to check your course, realign your goals if necessary, and make it a point to enjoy landing another year.