How Are You Ensuring Your Relevance?

As a leader in your organization, you make decisions every day based on your history and experience, and, ideally, with an informed perspective about the future. Given time constraints, the complexity of the marketplace, and the pace of change, staying current with a level of depth and breadth is difficult. Think about how a mindset to stay the course impacted the sustainability of companies like Kodak and Xerox.

Here are a few guidelines from futurist Jacob Morgan:

  • Don’t rely on your work environment or academic institution as the only place for learning.  Learning is owned by each of us and happens every day, based on what we choose to read and listen to, and how we focus our own development as we apply what we learn and adapt as we go.
  • Leverage social channels to keep abreast of topics, industries and other points of reference to continue challenging and informing your learning.
  • Retain the practice of traditional networking meetings and face-to-face interactions, as well as reading tried and true publications, such as the Harvard Business Review and Wall Street Journal, which continue to be important sources of information and feedback.
  • Remember your communities. It’s a no-brainer to say that being in conversation, joining your “people,” and being a part of something larger that impacts your learning and stretches you is a must have.

As a leader, broadening your relevance can be achieved by committing to intentional practices, being open to diverse opinions, and encouraging employees to consider new ideas. Also, have the courage to fail fast and often, and create an environment where failing is part of the innovative process.

What gets in the way of being relevant is resisting change, not listening to a different point of view, shutting down conversations, and hiring people who are just like you. Creating limitations will shrink your possibilities and opportunities.

Coaching can help you assess your relevance and how you can shift your thinking to become more relevant and valuable in your world.